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There is no playbook on how to transform industries. The formula is simple to describe, but hard to execute;

Optimize value creation by investing in scalability and accelerating growth.


Focused on application and infrastructure software, tech-enabled and data services, Guidepost invests $20M-$50M of equity into capital efficient, growth stage companies to provide shareholder liquidity and to support growth initiatives.

Invest in Scalability & Accelerate Growth

Hire and Develop Top Talent

Build a Public Company Caliber Board

Develop Product Management Function and Framework

Create Flexible Technology Infrastructure

Evolve Finance Function From Tactical to Strategic

Enhance Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Expand Geographic Reach

Identify and Successfully Integrate Acquisitions

Our VCG Advisors

Our Value Creation Group “VCG”, leverages a structured yet flexible approach, the deep capabilities of our VCG Advisors, and our decades of experience in partnering with the most innovative and determined entrepreneurs.

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Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Guidepost, we create sustainable growth collaboratively with our entrepreneurs, limited partners, and team members. Leveraging strong corporate social responsibility practices enables us to achieve our collective goals.

Our approach applies these practices holistically across our firm, investment process, and with our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs throughout the investment lifecycle.

Investment Process: For each potential new investment, CSR performance and opportunities are assessed in diligence and discussed in investment committee decisions.

Portfolio: We incorporate CSR opportunities in the value creation planning process for each new investment we make.  We then monitor the impact across the portfolio throughout our investment period.

Firm: At Guidepost, we hire and develop a diverse workforce. We believe different perspectives not only maximize value creation for our entrepreneurs and limited partners but also for our communities and firm.

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