Our Partnerships


Linda-A-Velha, Portugal | Boston, MA

OutSystems provides a platform that enables enterprise customers to rapidly develop software applications in a “low code” environment using a visual, model-based approach, instead of traditional programming methods.

How We Have Helped

Product & Technology

  • Working closely with CTO on technology initiatives
  • Supporting development of company’s next generation platform (“Neo”)

Strategic HR

  • Built a strong independent board, including Tom Schodorf (former SVP Sales, Splunk), John Kinzer (former CFO, Hubspot), Anu Bharadway (COO of Atlassian)
  • Supporting hiring of senior executives globally (finance, sales, strategy, technology, marketing)

Sales & Marketing

  • Investing in sales and marketing headcount across geographies
  • Instituting account management best practices to facilitate existing client expansion

Strategy & Operational Finance

  • Evaluating M&A opportunities to expand company’s product
  • Supported successful capital raises (KKR/Goldman Sachs, Tiger/Abdiel)
  • Formed governance, audit and compensation committees
  • Upgraded financial reporting systems, developed key performance indicator reports, and improved financial forecasting capabilities