Our Partnerships
Portland, OR

Acquired by Mitratech

Mineral gives small businesses peace of mind by proactively solving HR and compliance challenges with data, technology, and personalized advice.

"I would absolutely recommend to other entrepreneurs who want to build great businesses to partner with Guidepost. I am also looking forward to continuing my partnership with Guidepost, working as an advisor to their portfolio companies."

Nathan Christensen
CEO of Mineral (exited)

How We Helped

Product & Technology

  • Supported the development of Mineral’s next generation Mineral Intelligence technology platform
  • Increased depth and breadth of self-service and proactive compliance monitoring product solutions
  • Invested in Generative AI capabilities to enhance internal operational efficiency and external user engagement and experience

Strategic HR

  • Supported the recruitment of new CFO, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, CTO, Chief Services Officer, and Chief People Officer
  • Built a strong independent board, including Joan Burke (Guidepost VCG Advisor and former Chief People Officer, DocuSign), Sanjay Dholakia (former Chief Marketing Officer, Marketo), Larry Dunivan (Guidepost VCG Advisor and former CEO, Namely and CRO, Ceridian), and Mike Gaburo (Guidepost VCG Advisor and former COO, Paycor)

Sales & Marketing

  • Supported investment in and expansion of HCM Software and Carrier channels
  • Invested in sales and marketing infrastructure and operations to support long-term scalability

Strategy & Operational Finance

  • Helped identify, diligence, negotiate, structure, and integrate the acquisition of Mammoth HR, bolstering Mineral’s market positioning and go-to-market capabilities
  • Upgraded financial reporting systems, developing key performance indicator reports, and enhancing budgeting capabilities
  • Prepared the Company for exit and supported the negotiation of the acquisition by Mitratech