Our Partnerships


New Orleans, LA

Acquired by Cint Group AB (NASDAQ: CINT.ST)

Lucid provides a programmatic survey sample marketplace and media measurement platform that enables brands, agencies and partners to complete world-class market research and measure the effectiveness of their advertising.

"What I can truly say is, without reservation, that not only should [other entrepreneurs and founders] work with Guidepost but that I would be happy to work with Guidepost again and again."

Patrick Comer
Founder & CEO of Lucid (exited)

How We Helped

Product & Technology

  • Increased demand-side integration with API adoption, resulting in integrations with survey software platforms, including Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, and Decipher
  • Prioritized product UI/UX enhancements and technology stack modernization
  • Helped execute key technology initiatives to drive marketplace optimization

Strategic HR

  • Built a strong independent board, including Carl Sparks (former CEO, Travelocity) and Deb Elam (former Chief Diversity Officer, GE), as well as Advisory Board member, Gaby Toledano (former Chief People Officer, Tesla)
  • Supported the recruitment of new CFO and CTO

Sales & Marketing

  • Aligned sales team along vertical segments (vs. legacy product-centric approach)
  • Supported investment in the data product, which grew revenue from $0.5M at investment to over $25M, helping achieve key sales initiatives

Strategy & Operational Finance

  • Upgraded reporting systems, developed key performance indicator reports, and improved financial forecasting capabilities
  • Formed audit and compensation committees